Business Storytelling book by expert consultant coach Jyoti Guptara
Storytelling has been hailed as 'the single most powerful tool in a leader’s toolkit'. But why do stories work? How?

Find out why people are calling storytelling ‘the #1 business skill’ and how you can master the skill enjoyably – before your competition does.

Telling stories is the quickest, cheapest and deepest way to more influence. But that doesn’t mean it’s easy. Don’t miss this European storytelling pioneer letting you in on the secrets he shares with top coaching clients.

Learn how simple stories will make people receive, believe and remember your message so you can be more successful with less stress.

Pippa Rann Books
(Nov 2020)

85 pages


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Read this lively, lucid and persuasive book to learn why a telling story is a far more powerful way to persuade people than a power point.

Gurcharan Das

Bestselling Author & Former CEO of Procter & Gamble, India

endorsement by Gurcharan Das

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This book is a gem. The writer’s use of his personal stories to teach what he preaches makes it highly readable; it evokes empathy and leaves the reader with precious ideas which click and stick. Many practical tips and hacks bring the art of story telling within reach of anyone, even outside of the targeted business audience.

Janet Lim

Advisory Board member & Fellow at Singapore Management University; former Assistant High Commissioner, UNHCR

How do you get heard or noticed in an age of information overload or engage effectively with customers and employees? Jyoti Guptara shows how you can effectively influence your audience by connecting with them at the level of both heart and mind, leading to a lasting impact. The insights and applications in this book can help any leader.

Suresh Theodore

Head of Global Sales, ABB Power Grids

Unlocking the secrets to business storytelling will take your business on a tremendous growth journey. Jyoti Guptara guides his reader through the art of crafting and delivering a business’s core values and offers through storytelling. With new media dominating the marketplace, Guptara provides practical guidance on how to navigate through the noise.

Jake Fichman

CEO of Goldfish Marketing Inc. & Media Advisor to the Government Press Office, Israel

As a business leader, I was always aware of the lack of humanity at work, even though we know business runs through relationships. In your quest to be an authentic leader and truly influence others, story-telling will ease the challenge of getting people behind you and your organization. This is a must-read for those business leaders who want to make a difference.

Flooris van der Walt

Author of "Attentive Leadership", executive coach, former VP Global HR Business Processes at LafargeHolcim

Jyoti Guptara shows a remarkable ability to combine creative writing and story-telling with the requirements of executive-level success.  Superb writing … The concepts are broken down into clear elements that can be easily absorbed and applied.

Davis Bunn

Mega-bestselling author with over 8 million books in print; Former international business consultant; Writer in Residence, Regent's Park College, University of Oxford, UK