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amazon bestseller stars business storytelling

Amazon bestseller

Business Storytelling book by expert consultant coach Jyoti Guptara

Read this lively, lucid and persuasive book

— Gurcharan Das, former CEO of Procter & Gamble, India

Find out why people are calling storytelling ‘the #1 business skill’ and master the skill enjoyably – before your competition does. 

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Master Story, Lead Better

with Jyoti Guptara


Keynote Storyteller

Many leaders intuitively know the power of Storytelling, but their MBA didn’t teach them how to tell stories people want to hear.

After studying story structure for 15 years and writing bestsellers, I’m passionate about helping leaders and companies tell stories so that they are sustainably more inspired, inspiring, and effective.

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Are your most important Messages ignored?

  • No one knows your strategy (or cares)?
  • Mere polite applause after your speech?
  • Employees struggling to engage?
  • Replace confusion with clarity
  • Go from information to inspiration
  • Give your message wings

You Need Story

Storytelling is the quickest, cheapest and deepest way to more influence.

It is a business communications hack, but it serves rather than exploits audiences. Conceptualise, communicate, and lead change with the structures that make stories work – from Vision and Values through Strategy to the development and launch of products and services.

Stories don’t just present your identity to the world.

They shape it from the inside.

Story Solutions

I add most value to organisations at the level of helping with the implementation of strategy.

This is achieved by “storifying” the strategy in such a way that it becomes inspiring and therefore more motivating to implement.  I also help with crafting the actual communication and implementation of the strategy, tweaking it as necessary in consultation with top management so that the implementation works effectively down the chain and across the organisation.

Top management has the satisfaction not only of “creating” a strategy but also of seeing it implemented throughout their organisation, and indeed in relation to joint-venture partners, investors, suppliers, and so on.

Additional services include:

Basic Storytelling Workshop

Are your key people competent at narrative? Storytelling is an essential business skill for meetings and presentations. A half day introduction.

* Why stories work
* Where to find, when to use, and how to tell stories
* Quickly establish trust and build momentum

Team Building Workshop

Are your people on the same page? Are they telling the same story? Are they even living in the same universe?

* Identify your organisation's story and the various players' roles
* A fun approach to improving communication
* Replace inner narratives that hold us back with stories that empower

Branding and Sales Workshop

Are your customers getting mixed signals? Streamline your message and turbo-charge your sales team.

* Why 99% websites have a poor conversion rate
* What customers really buy (hint: it’s not the best product!)
* How to involve your customer in your organisation's story

Custom Workshop

Let's talk about tailoring a workshop that specifically meets your particular needs. What's your story?

Story Coach

The only thing better than practice is practicing with a coach. I help leaders tell stories so they get results


Most events aim to take participants on a journey. That’s just what a story does. Give your event narrative drive

give your story the stage

Find out how a "Keynote Storyteller" can add an extra dimension to your event!

For Readers

I write fiction and non-fiction

My first publication was in the Wall Street Journal when I was 15. I have written a wide variety of pieces, from the future of work (Best Practice) to energy reform (E&, by a Swiss national research program).

As an author, I specialise in speculative fiction, whether it is exploring social issues and satire or full-blown fantasy adventures for young and old.

Prof. Ernst von Kimakowitz

Prof. Ernst von Kimakowitz

University of St. Gallen (HSG)

A fantastic session on storytelling for investment pitches in my MSc class. The students loved it and I also learned a lot. Insightful and enjoyable - highly recommended.

Anne-Caroline Pissis Martel

Anne-Caroline Pissis Martel

The Geneva Centre for Security Policy (GCSP)

All of his lectures led to very positive feedback … As a Fellow of the GCSP, Jyoti always brought a new and creative perspective.

Dr. Clément Javerzac-Galy

Dr. Clément Javerzac-Galy

École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL)

Jyoti's presentation at the Future of Quantum Businesses was amazing. We had great feedback on his contribution to the conference.