Transformational Storytelling Workshops

Story Solutions

Basic Storytelling Workshop

Are your key people competent at narrative? Storytelling is an essential business skill for meetings and presentations. A half day introduction.

* Why stories work
* Where to find, when to use, and how to tell stories
* Quickly establish trust and build momentum

Team Building Workshop

Are your people on the same page? Are they telling the same story? Are they even living in the same universe?

* Identify your organisation's story and the various players' roles
* A fun approach to improving communication
* Replace inner narratives that hold us back with stories that empower

Branding and Sales Workshop

Are your customers getting mixed signals? Streamline your message and turbo-charge your sales team.

* Why 99% websites have a poor conversion rate
* What customers really buy (hint: it’s not the best product!)
* How to involve your customer in your organisation's story

Custom Workshop

Let's talk about tailoring a workshop that specifically meets your particular needs. What's your story?

Story Coach

The only thing better than practice is practicing with a coach. I help leaders tell stories so they get results


Most events aim to take participants on a journey. That’s just what a story does. Give your event narrative drive