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Business Storytelling book by expert consultant coach Jyoti Guptara

Read this lively, lucid and persuasive book

— Gurcharan Das, former CEO of Procter & Gamble, India

Find out why people are calling storytelling ‘the #1 business skill’ and master the skill enjoyably – before your competition does.

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Pippa Rann Books
(Nov 2020), 85 pages

About the Author

When I dropped out of school to pursue my passion for Storytelling and became a full-time writer at the age of 15, teachers couldn’t imagine they’d be inviting me back three years later to speak as a bestselling author.

Born to an English mother and Indian father and based in Switzerland, I am a citizen of the UK, India and Switzerland.

I was born on 22.11.88 with a twin brother, Suresh – 
my first co-author! Writing together, we published a fantasy trilogy that sold over 100,000 copies and was translated into three other languages.

Why I write - and why you should read

Most of us are so busy, we miss a sense of wonder and meaning in our lives. Fiction mixes the ordinary with the extraordinary, which helps us appreciate the magical moments all around us.

In an age of automation and robotisation, it’s important we re-connect with what it means to be human. We have become digitally connected but relationally disconnected. Emotional intelligence and emotional health have suffered.

Studies show that readers are more empathetic and manage stress better. I write speculative fiction so people can “escape to engage”. It’s not escapism. It’s intentional rest, emotional exercise, and imaginative exploration.

We're so focused on "priorities" that we neglect purpose, from which priorities should flow.

I'm a Storyteller because stories are about the big picture.

Fiction is emotional exercise ... it helps us "escape to engage"

The Promise of the Sky
Amazon rating

The soul of India lives in its villages, declared Mohandas Gandhi. It’s time for a hard look at that soul.

Kallu, a five-year-old Shudra, is destined to be a change-maker. But when he goes up against the forces of tradition, he gets more than he bargained for. Everyone does.

A magic realism novelette about caste dynamics in modern India.

The Conversation Doctor
Amazon rating

Gerry, 79, lives in hope of reconciling with his family and leaving a legacy. But people are trying to take care of him. Literally.

Beware black humour in this poignant short story about old age, the will to live, and a big decision. Life and death hang in the balance… The balance of a conversation. And a checkbook.

Worry. They’re professionals.

The Insanity Saga

The Insanity Saga follows the adventures of Bryn Bellyset, heir to a financial empire that brews Calaspia’s most popular drink, Swigny. Instead of living it up, Bryn must fight Insanity, a corruptive force that originates in the Invisible World.

Because monsters are much easier to kill than the monster in mankind…

Conspiracy of Calaspia
(Insanity #1)

Evil has a new face – the face of reason.

When his village is destroyed by creatures presumed to be extinct, Bryn joins a motley group that risks everything to stop Insanity, an insidious power that defies logic. Why target the Barue, an innocent tribe with the uncanny ability to sense emotions? And is there such a thing as safety, or have they been playing into the hands of their enemies all along?

The bestseller of India
An Amazon bestseller
An India Today book club choice
A SwissEduc Recommended Read for English, higher education

Most enjoyable...
As soon as I finished, I started reading it again.

- Richard Adams​

Author of the beloved classic,
Watership Down, on Calaspia


"Many authors struggle to old age to write a book like this. The Guptara twins have done it in their teens. […] They are set to become classic fantasy writers.
Amazing stuff…"
G. P. Taylor
New York Times best selling author (Shadowmancer)
"An assured style, full of the intelligence and imagination that one requires to weave magic and mystery in fantasy fiction. One thing that stood out is the fine use of dialogue and sense of timing. The novel is cleverly-paced and passionately written. I look forward to Book Two."
Sudeep Sen
Prize-winning poet and editor in ATLAS magazine
"What does one expect from a fantasy novel? An exciting story, at least as many adorable as detestable characters, powerful magic and grand pictures, epic fights and beautiful princesses? Sure. But those who think this is not enough and are looking for a well-written and unusual story where you can’t wait to turn the pages – try THIS. An astounding first novel."
Wolfgang Hohlbein
German author of over 100 bestsellers

“Intimidating talent”

– FOX News

“…repeatedly playing with perspective and truth, body and soul, illusion and reality”

“ Incredible ”
Hindustan Times

“ exceptional ” 
The Hindu

“ All set to claim literary fame ”

“ Those who like Lord of the Rings and Narnia will love Conspiracy of Calaspia ”

“ If you liked Harry Potter and yearn to live in the Shire, you’re sure to love Calaspia …
a magical yarn of heroism, cowardice, treachery and deception ”
Express India

“ The Guptara twins are becoming a symbol for all youth of the state [India] …
Given the richness of Indian mythology, critics believe Calaspia may become a model and source of inspiration for many other aspiring authors. ”
Asia News in 2006

“ Some of our fave books ”
MTV Voices

The Insanity Saga is currently being revised for re-publication
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